Iberol is one of the largest processors of products of agricultural origin (oil seeds: soy beans and rapeseed) and producer of renewable energy (biofuels) in Portugal. It serves as a vital link between farmers and food and (bio)energy consumers, processing oilseeds to make animal feed ingredients, renewable liquid fuels and chemicals for industrial use.

As the whole process begins with agriculture, Iberol has been developing special relationships with farmers in Spain and Portugal. This link aims at the sustainable development of agriculture as a fundamental element of the global economy, to which we want to contribute. On the other hand, Iberol has been developing the production of alternative energy from waste, continuously promoting the development of the circular economy.

It was founded in 1967, having gone through several transformation processes over the years, a sign of its capacity for innovation and self-renewal, it has its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Vila Franca de Xira – Alhandra. Through its links with foreign markets, in the purchase of raw materials and in the export of the various products it produces, it contributes to the development of the green economy and the environment.