Logistical Services

Part of Iberol, TPA – Terminal Portuário de Alhandra, a 250m long shore berth, whose concession was adjudicated by contest promoted by the Lisbon Port administration. Here there are two vertical units of silos, automated with the ability to store around 20.000 metric tons of agriproducts each. These berth allow the reception of barges dedicated to up river transportation, and with logistical conditions for road and railway access.

The terminal is certified customs warehouse type A, permitting that, with the installed capacity in means of humans, equipment and storage, is used as logistal storage of merchandise intended to industrial units, permitting flow of transformed products in this unit directly to the principal national and international roads.

TPA is located in harbour of Lisbon, on the north on Tejo river, consisting of three railways in its interior with connections to the principal railways in the country through a uneven passage, permitting the motion of machines without restrictions.

It disposes as well a wharehouse in the OZ Energia tank farm, in Trafaria, with a tanking of about 5.000 m3 , which are used to load tank shipments that transport biofuel.

Iberol is gifted with logistical solutions integrated of high increased value, namely those that require specific storage, specifically the agro-feed sector, food and feed, complying entirely with all requirements in terms of safety and specifics of the sector (HACCP).