Iberol since its genesis, has had a cooperation with universities, however, since 2007, with the creation of a Department of Technological Development, intensified the relation with Scientific and Technological National System – Sistema Científico e Tecnológico Nacional (SCTN).

Protocols and partnerships established within SCTN:

  • Provided in long term the realization of PhD dissertation in environmental industry (within the project Iberdiesel in co-promotion with Universities)
  • Promote over six internships per year for realization of Masters dissertations with 6 months duration, opening opportunity to graduate students to experience industrial practice and application of knowledge acquired in its degree.
  • Promote about ten to fifteen per year of short, one or two months, duration, enabling undergrad students to have contact with professional work and environment.
  • Competing to projects of co-promotion that framework the category I&DT companies, comprising industrial investigation activities and process development, including an experimental component, and the introduction to improve significant existing processes of production
  • Welcomes and integrates students from educational centres and professional courses schools.